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rather than depending on doctors and medications, people would be a lot healthier if they got back to basics. proper diet and nutrition can go a long way in preventing illness and helping us to live longer, healthier lives. this is not to say we don't need doctors or that medications aren't good for you because that is not true either - but they are only two of the many tools that we have in our fight against disease. cancer is the one disease that can stop the most stalwart person in their tracks. there are many other diseases just as deadly but none strike the fear in our hearts that cancer can. perhaps because there are so many forms that cancer can take or perhaps because the treatments are often just as scary as the disease - whatever the reason, cancer is one of the most dreaded diagnoses a person can hear. no one has been able to prove what causes cancer, although there are many theories. some will tell you that it's in the genes and there certainly is a genetic link to many forms of cancer. other people blame the rise in pollution and chemicals in our air and water supplies. neither of these contributing factors give us much power to change the situation. studies have consistently shown us that nutrition plays a big part in many diseases, especially cancer. that is one area that we have complete control over. cancer prevention : why you need correct nutrition. research has been and continues to be done into how nutrition affects our health from day to day and how it plays a role in the risk of developing cancer and other diseases. good nutrition involves eating a balanced diet from all of the food groups in order to maintain our bodies in optimal condition. however, some foods stand out above the rest in their ability to fight cancer. some have even gone so far as to call these nutritional powerhouses “super foods”. super or not, there are ten foods that everyone should be including in their diet on a regular basis. super foods against cancer. garlic. garlic has been proven to be a natural antibiotic agent which helps the body fight off germs and bacteria. studies have also found that garlic has powerful antioxidants which have been shown to fight the aging affects of free radicals. there are two substances in garlic that have significant health benefits. allicin is the substance that has both antibiotic and antifungal properties while diallyl sulphides help circulation, lower cholesterol and boost the immune system. apples. apples are rich in fiber, vitamin a and vitamin c. they help lower cholesterol, boost the immune system and fight off infection. it's no wonder the old saying is “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. oranges. oranges are another fruit that is high in vitamin c which helps fight off colds and other germs. vitamin c is also known to boost the immune system in order for the body to fight disease more effectively. lemons. lemons are another citrus fruit with properties very similar to oranges. they offer a large dose of vitamin c. since vitamin c is a water soluble vitamin, it doesn't get stored in the body. in order to maintain healthy levels of vitamin c, you must eat foods containing it every day. broccoli. broccoli is a dark green vegetable that packs a huge nutritional punch. it has large amounts of cancer fighting fiber along with healthy doses of iron, calcium and other minerals. the surprise with broccoli that most people don't know is that it's also very high in vitamin c. beans. beans and other legumes are very important in the super food category. they contain huge amounts of fiber as well as being a rich source of iron and protein. they've been shown to aid in the prevention of prostate cancer, intestinal cancers and other diseases. carrots. carrots claim to fame is that they are so rich in beta carotene, a nutrient that has been shown to fight cancer. beta carotene is also good for vision health. as other super vegetables, carrots are also very high in fiber. onions. onions are a super food that surprises many people. onions tend to be considered more of a seasoning than a vegetable due to its pungent smell and flavor. however, onions have properties that help fight heart disease and stroke along with being known to help prevent stomach cancer. seaweed. seaweed is another super food that most people don't think about, at least in the western countries. eastern countries have known for years that seaweed is very good for you. it is rich in cancer fighting nutrients like iodine, calcium, magnesium and iron. salmon. salmon is a fatty fish so some mistake this as meaning fattening. that is not the case, though. it is known as a fatty fish because it is loaded with omega-3 fats which is a fat that is actually good for your heart. studies show that people who eat salmon at least once per week can reduce their chance of a heart attack by half. salmon also contains all the minerals proven to help prevent different forms of cancer. now you know of ten of the world's best “super foods” that can help prevent many diseases including cancer. adding all of these foods into your diet on a regular basis will help you be healthier overall and go a long way towards keeping you healthier in the future. 相比较于医生和药品,如果人们回归到基础,也许会得到更多的健康。 适当的饮食和营养可以起很大作用,防止疾病和帮助我们活得更长寿,更健康。 这并不是说我们不需要医生或说药物不利于你,因为这是不正确--他们只是我们在对抗疾病的许多方法中的两个方法。 癌症是一种可以使最强壮的人突然死亡的疾病。 虽然还有许多其他疾病一样是致命的,但没有一个疾病像癌症那样使人恐惧。也许是因为有这么多形式的癌症出现,也许是因为通常的治疗方法和疾病一样可怕的--不管是出于什么原因,癌症是一种人们最怕听到的诊断。 即使有许多的理论,但没有人能证明是什么原因导致癌症。 有些人会告诉你,这是在基因上和这肯定是一个遗传链接到许多类型的癌症。 其他人把问题归咎于污染和在空气和水中存在有害的化学成分所造成。但是没有一个因素使得我们有动力去来改变这种状况。 不过研究不断向我们表明, 营养在许多疾病起着重要作用,尤其是癌症。这是一个领域,我们已经完全控制。 预防癌症:为什么您需要正确的营养? 研究一直是并将继续这样做,营养如何影响我们健康的每一天,以及如何扮演着怎么的角色在癌症和其他疾病发展中的国家。良好的营养涉及到饮食均衡从所有膳食中,以保持我们最佳的身体状态.但是,一些食品中在对抗癌症的能力脱颖而出 。 有些人甚至呼吁这些营养食品为“ 超级食品 ”。超级与否,这里有10食品,它们都应该定期出现在人们的饮食中。 超级食物预防癌症。 大蒜 大蒜已被证明是一种能帮助人体对抗细菌和病菌的自然抗生素剂。研究还发现,大蒜具有强大的抗氧化剂,可以对抗使人衰老的自由基。这两种物质的大蒜具有重大的健康效益。 大蒜素是一种具有抗菌和抗真菌特性而烯丙基硫化物帮助血液循环,降低胆固醇和增强免疫系统的物质。 苹果 苹果含有丰富的纤维,维生素a和维生素c它们有助于降低胆固醇,提高人体的免疫系统,对抗感染。难怪古语说“一日一苹果,医生远离我” 。 柑桔 桔子是另一种含高维生素c ,有助于对抗感冒和其他病菌的水果。维生素c也被称为提高免疫系统,以使身体更有效地防治疾病的物质。 柠檬 柠檬是一种特性与柑橘非常相似的柑橘类水果。 它们提供了大量的维生素c,加上由于维生素c是一种水溶性维生素,它不会储存在体内。所以为了保持健康水平的维生素c ,你必须每天吃的食物含有它。 青花菜 青花菜是一种包含着一个巨大的营养库的深绿色蔬菜。它含有大量抗癌纤维与健康剂量的铁,钙和其他矿物质。令人惊讶的是花椰菜它也含有非常高的维生素c ,这是大多数人不知道的。 豆类 豆类和其他豆科植物是非常重要的超级食品类。它们含有大量的纤维,以及丰富的铁和蛋白质。 他们已经被证明是有助于预防前列腺癌,肠癌症和其他疾病食物。 胡萝卜 胡萝卜成名的是因为,他们含有非常丰富的β -胡萝卜素,并已被证明对抗癌症很大的作用。 β -胡萝卜素有利于视觉健康。 作为超级蔬菜,胡萝卜也含有非常高的纤维。 洋葱 洋葱是一种另很多人惊奇的超级食品。由于其刺激性气味和味道,洋葱比蔬菜往往要考虑更多的调味品。然而,洋葱有帮助抗击心脏病和中风以及被称为有助于防止胃癌的食物。 海藻 海藻是另一种超级食品,大多数人没有想到的,至少在西方国家很少人知道。东方国家很多年前已经知道,海藻是非常好的适合人。它含有丰富的抗癌营养素像碘,钙,镁和铁 鲑鱼 鲑鱼是一种很肥的鱼,使人认为它含有很多的脂肪。然而,情况并非如此,它被称为脂肪丰富的鱼类,因为它含有实际上是适合你ω - 3脂肪酸。 研究表明,吃了鲑鱼的人,至少每周可减少一半心脏病发作的机会。鲑鱼被证明还包含所有的矿物,以帮助防止不同形式的癌症。 现在你知道的有10个世界上最好的“ 超级食物 ” ,它们可以帮助预防许多疾病,包括癌症 。 定期添加这些食品进入您的饮食,将帮助您等到全面健康和大大有助于保持未来的健康。 转摘自海词快乐英语,供朋友们分享